Terra Nostra, knowledge center for trees and soil, is your reliable partner for everything which concerns trees. Terra Nostra is a consultance company where people work with a great passion for trees. People who derive their knowledge from the latest scientific findings and 40 years of field experience. We can provide the link between tree and soil, especially in urban surroundings.

Our approach is strongly professional and is based on our extensive experience which is evident in our advice. Moreover, we can deliver customized solutions for complex issues in the field of trees.

At different levels Terra Nostra provides services and products that contribute to efficient and successful tree management. These services are divided into six main categories: policy, design, project preparation, long-term and daily management, supervision of construction work and remaining services. For questions or comments please contact us.


Soon Terra Nostra will be able to use the ground penetrating radar (GPR) to study tree roots. The big advantage of this method is that it is a non-destructive method, here the soil is not disturbed an... Read more

Terra Nostra has a new device to appraise structural tree-soil, the PRIMA100. The PRIMA100 is a light-weight deflectometer which measures the compaction of the soil. After a testing-period the PRIMA10... Read more